Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

Course Info

Course Duration: 1 Day
Attendees: 1-12
Pre-requisites: None

Intended For

Those who will be required to carry out investigations within their workplace.


Advance Training Certification

Recommended Progression


Course Aims

Incident investigation training will give you a broad understanding of the accident investigation process, looking at the benefits of accident prevention and putting the emphasis on practical training exercises and real-life case studies.

Course Summary

The course, delivered over one day will cover the following topics

  • Accident Statistics
  • Common Terms used in investigations
  • Conducting an interview
  • Carrying out an incident investigation


Once completed, the attendees will require to work together as an investigation team to find out what has happened in an mock incident within the workplace. This give practical experience to the theoretic knowledge gained during the course

Available Dates

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